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Shanghai approved to create China's first cruise tourism development demonstration area

Date: 2019-08-06

Recently, the national culture and tourism to create China's first official reply Shanghai cruise tourism development demonstration area, this is China's first approved in 2012 in Shanghai cruise tourism experimental area of comprehensive upgrade, is another milestone in the development of Shanghai cruise tourism, the cruise tourism policy innovation, radiation scope, development pattern, the respect such as service level to achieve great leap.

Shanghai cruise operating level to enter the world's first echelon

Shanghai harbor cruise business govinda first in Asia, for three consecutive years won the global top five years, 63% of the cruise market.Among them, the carnival, and royal Caribbean group, sincere group, Mediterranean cruise, genting's global top five successively to the world's largest and newest cruise company, cruise technology into China, the most advanced luxurious passenger liner in Shanghai baoshan open first in Asia.

At present, the Shanghai port in 15 cruise port in the country of, become the country's first cruise port service standardization pilot, built the world's largest cruise frequency shore power system and the first Asian cruise shore power system, the construction of the world's first cruise port of maritime traffic center, in order to promote China's cruise market international status, make cruise port construction, promoting international cruise economy into "China standard" "China times" laid a solid foundation.

Cruise industry chain substantive start

In cruise on the whole industry chain, Shanghai from the three aspects of the middle and lower reaches, actively promote and implement the industrial chain of substantive start.

Upstream, actively promote the liner designed and built, with China, China merchants such as candy, deepen strategic cooperation and to promote China signed with the carnival, candy, worth nearly $5 billion of "2 + 4" large ship manufacturing contract, the launch of domestic large cruise ship manufacturing;Middle reaches, promote the construction of cruise headquarters, attract top with 82% global market share of large - carnival, royal Caribbean cruise company group, sincere group, Mediterranean cruise, successively in Shanghai opened its maiden flight in Asia;Downstream, perfect the cruise port of shopping and leisure facilities, annual turnover of 120 million yuan, nearly two years ports of exit tax free ping effect of annual 240000 / square meters.

At the same time, the business area of 1700 square meters of first domestic cruise port customs duty free will be officially opened in China international import fair this year, will be the Shanghai shopping a new bright spot.

Cruise policy system innovation breakthrough

In order to promote the country, the Shanghai municipal government and cruise economy special policy, issued by the Shanghai municipal government on the several opinions to promote the development of the city's cruise economy deepen, clear of the city's nearly 30 departments together promote 50 key task, concentrated force of the city's jointly promote the development of cruise economy.

Among them, the culture and tourism bureau of Shanghai led the first cruise travel contract demonstration text, released the first cruise tourism management norms, the first Chinese cruise comprehensive insurance, issued "about promoting the cruise tourism experimental area of China, Shanghai (Shanghai) free trade area with China linkage development of the implementation opinions", promoting "joint";Shanghai municipal committee led by first cruise system, recognised by the ministry of transport and drive in the country to implement;Shanghai business committee issued "about support measures of baoshan cruise service trade development, promote the liner service trade policy, innovation and development;Shanghai maritime bureau issued the "international cruise priority" job responsibilities and operation process, a clear "WuYouXian" cruise impassable, better safeguard cruise on time and safe passage;Port sector innovation implementation of 144 hours of transit visa-free policy and international cruise tour 15 days visa-free entry policy, the first cruise customs bar code, with three seconds, customs clearance speed reached world leading level.The improvement of the policy system and system innovation, for the Shanghai cruise economy development into the "catalyst", fitted with new engines.

In the next decade is the key to the transformation and upgrading of Shanghai cruise economy period, is also implemented "overtaking lane changing" "international and run" key stage.By creating the cruise tourism demonstration area, efforts to build cruising hub port in the asia-pacific region, a world-class cruise home port and cruise tourism destinations, built in the asia-pacific lines enterprise headquarters base and the global influence of cruise economic center, Shanghai will better on behalf of the state to participate in the global cruise cooperation and competition, build a national model high quality development of cruise economy, further enhance their ability to service national strategy.