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The Philippines all hotel 100% were allowed to return to work

Date: 2020-10-25

Employees of the hotel can return to work within the unknown number.

Philippine tourism minister, 21, announced that: in the implementation of the general community isolated (GCQ) and loose version (MGCQ) area of the hotel, is now allowing full resume operation.Cloth of Atlantis, the statement said that the government inter-departmental working group on disease resistance (IATF) has authorized of tourism (DOT) allow GCQ and MGCQ area 100% of hotel operations, including "staycations" hotel.

Cloth of Atlantis, however, said the decision whether to open 100% capacity will depend on the decision of the hotel management and abide by the IATF standards of safety and health.

Tourism says this is done by IATF resolution on October 15, no. 79 is approved.

The resolution of IATF replaced the GCQ area hotel only allows the backbone staff operating, and now this kind of operation ability by the relevant government departments, such as tourism.IATF the operating capacity is defined as the number of employees can work reporting for work.

Cloth of Atlantis, said the travel will be issued for the expansion of hotel operating capacity criterion, including "staycations" hotel.The Philippines (HSMA) President of hotel sales and marketing association in accordance with the said Barry stack, they understand must abide by the tourism standards, however, the rule has not been issued.According to Barry stack said: "we thank Atlantis minister support returning the hospitality industry and make the employee return to work."She said: "we fully understand the importance of health, safety, and strictly abide by the rules."IATF resolution 79 authorized tourism in addition to determine GCQ and MGCQ areas outside the hotel's operation ability, in order to restore the domestic tourism industry has also eased interval and the flow of people in the area.According to the IATF resolution, GCQ and MGCQ interval of unauthorized people go out to go out, such as the home office or the local government, for example, the working group on boracay multisectoral allowed should be allowed.Cloth and said: "this is a complete chain of tourism, including accommodation, transportation and tourism business department of operation, the chain of tourism for city is affected by the serious."