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Shanghai residents taste "cultural home cooking" at any time

Date: 2014-10-29

"My life dream is to launch a personal exhibition, surprisingly today implements in the center of the community culture activity."In surrounded by a group of photography enthusiasts, 10 years to focus on macro photography flowers butterfly community residents guo-hai xu said in his speech, which is in changning district in Shanghai on October 11, huayang community culture activity center deck public exhibition held at the opening ceremony of the scene.Huayang community photography salon, said: "this solo exhibition curator is the salon members. Thanks to community culture activity center provides us with display of talent, the stage to make my dream come true."
In balance, xuhui district community, the community's advanced character story as the prototype of "balance everywhere have special original works" lei feng has just ended, the Shanghai opera performances of famous Shen Hui residents from near and far.Founded in 2007, community scales "famous brand", famous artist ShangChangRong, xiao-yan zhou yi qin, Liu Chunling, MaoShanYu, tang yuan only, series, such as "balance", perennial active in the community culture activity center, or the debut, or open lectures, bring out a large number of influential group article brand team.Balance community working committee secretary Wang Jiyuan think in streets, community culture activity center for resources, balance is the most precious cultural celebrities resources.
The reporter learns from the relevant parties, in the 1980 s, 98% of Shanghai in the streets, villages and towns built township, library, activity room of the elderly.On this basis, through the building, rebuilding, the replacement system integration, optimization of configuration, at present, the Shanghai community culture activity center built 215, covering 208 street in the town of 202 in the city, the average area of about 4800 square meters, service people up to 60 million, preliminary already built together, covering the city's urban and rural public cultural service system, improve the level of urban and rural public cultural service equalization, explore the new mode of socialization, specialization of mass cultural activities.