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Chinese tourists prefer the "foreign brands" hotel

Date: 2014-08-01

Intercontinental hotels group recently released the latest industry trends, according to a report from China, the united Arab emirates, Brazil and other emerging economies of passenger demand for hotel personalized service is growing. Travelers are reshaping their expectations of the international hotel brand appeal, not only need to provide high quality service, integration of local culture hotel, at the same time also hope that the hotel could satisfy personal preferences according to their habits of check-in. Report shows that 64% of Chinese tourists hope hotel can meet the individual needs of customized service; At the same time, 62% of Chinese respondents thought, get personalized service will make it feel more respected.
The report also shows that Chinese travelers is generally believed that the international hotel brands to provide them with more high quality personalization service, such as better integration local cultural characteristics. 58% of Chinese travelers don't agree with this "international hotel brands can not adapt to the local culture", while only 47% of global respondents think international brand hotel can better reflect the local culture. At the same time, 54% of Chinese travelers think choose international brand hotel can experience the high quality service to enjoy. Accordingly, Chinese travelers prefer the international hotel brand, the same situation in other conditions, 63% of China's passenger preference international hotel brands, while only 55% of global respondents to make that choice.